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MAAC Academy Dharampeth Nagpur

"Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics running from four years successfully at Dharampeth, Nagpur"

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) is India’s leading Education brand of Aptech in high-end 3D Animation and Visual Effects Founded in 2001, MAAC has trained over 30000 students across the country. It has over 85 centers with cutting edge infrastructure in over 40 cities. MAAC has been awarded more than 132 awards in different category and more than 5831 movies have been made by the MAAC students.

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) announced the launch of its new state-of-the-art centre in Dharampeth, Nagpur. The Dharampeth centre is MAAC’s 2ndcentre in Nagpur and 86th centre in India. The centre is well equipped with digital labs, drawing studio and seminar room. The 3D animation and VFX industry is growing at a rising rate. It is one of the most sought after career options these days. Especially, since India has now become an outsourcing hub for international projects. The requirement for trained manpower has increased manifold. MAAC DHARAMPETH Centre’s focus is to empower its students to encompass the strategic areas of this industry, and be a specialist in the world of 3D Animation and VFX.

3D animation in Nagpur Regardless of a sluggish economy and the emergency of demonetisation, the entire Media and Entertainment (M&E) part still saw 9.1% development, on the back of an advertising development of 11.2%. The Animation and Visual Effects industry exhibited a consistent development of 16.4%. One of the top reasons to this progress has been the development of the VFX business, which has been quickening for a few years back, because of some current hits in Indian Cinema, which progressed toward becoming blockbusters because of the utilization of overwhelming VFX in it.There's additionally a study growth of inventive media in the VR and AR divisions. Starting today, India has more than 70 new businesses in this space, who are putting resources into latest technologies to make innovational content.This means there will be a huge necessity for skilled ability in each of these sectors. A current report presumed that the M&E division would require 7 Lakh extra work openings, during the time of 2016-22.

Animaton, Multimedia, Gaming, VFX Institute in Nagpur Here is our scope obviously in Animation, VFX, Multimedia, Gaming, Broadcast and new-age advancements like-Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Every one of our courses carefully fits to suit the demand of the rising worldwide market.

Our Courses

VFX Plus


Compositor, Paint artist, Pre-Viz artist, Clean-up artist, Match-moving artist, Motion Graphics artist, BG Prep artist, FX artist, Roto artist.



Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Designer for Interactive E-learning, Packaging Designer, DTP Operator, Web/Interactive Designer, Layout Artist, User Interface (UI) Designer.



3D Game Design, Interactive Product Demos, Game Testing, Simulator Graphics, Interactive Architectural Walkthrough, 3D Asset Artist, Web 3D Graphics.



Pre-Production, Digital design, Concepts of Non-Linear Editing, Concepts of Filmmaking, Basics of Compositing, Clay animation, Sound editing.



Modeling Artist, Layout Artist, FX Artist, Lighting Artist, Digital Sculpting Artist, Game Artist, Texture Artist, Rigging artist, 3D Generalist, Render Artist, Video Editor, Character Animator, Motion Graphics Artist.



Compositor, Matte Painter, Depth Artist, Camera Tracker, Clean-up Artist, Video Editor, Match Moving Artist, BG Prep Artist, Pre-Viz Artist, FX Artist, VFX Generalist, Roto Artist.



From Newspaper and book covers to web based motion graphics, from corporate branding to indie-rock posters, the applications of multimedia are all pervasive.



3D world, Lighting, Dynamics, 3D Design and Modelling, Character set up and skinning, Animation, Texturing and look Development.

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